President and Founder

President and Founder

Clifton Scott Wilson was born and raised in Hickory, NC. He was born into a Christian home where his parents instilled in him the principles and truths of God’s Word. At the age of seven, while attending vacation bible school, Scott placed his faith and trusscottt in Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. During his youth he enjoyed hunting, fishing, basketball, and golf. He played four years of varsity basketball and two years of varsity golf at Fred T. Foard high school in Newton, NC. Throughout his youth Scott never dreamed of preaching or entering into full time ministry, but little did he know that God had other plans for his life.

In the winter of 2000 God began to move upon Scott’s heart in a way he’d never experienced. He found himself with an increased desire to read and study God’s Word and to become more involved in his church. This feeling continued for several months, until finally the Lord spoke to his heart about preaching the gospel. Overcome with a sense of fear and unworthiness to such a high calling he ran from the call for approximately two months until finally God brought him to the place of decision. While attending a youth meeting in Burke County, NC God convicted his heart so strongly that he knew he was either going to obey God that night or risk being in blatant disobedience to the Lord. Fearing the removal of God’s hand of blessing upon his life, he went forward and answered the call of God to preach. Scott would go on to attend and graduate from college and seminary, earning two master’s degrees and an earned doctorate in divinity.

Scott has served as a senior pastor, evangelist, mission’s conference speaker, and author. The Lord has truly blessed his life and ministry seeing men and women trust Christ as their Savior in almost every place he’s served. His service has not been without its valleys and hardships. After four years of faithful marriage Scott fell victim to divorce. Through it all the Lord was faithful and after several years the Lord led Scott to a beautiful Christian lady named Anne-Marie and she is now his wife. Going through a divorce has given Scott a tremendous burden to reach out to and encourage other Christians who are dealing with divorce. That was the driving force behind his book, Divorce happened to Me and the corresponding divorce recovery program.

In addition to his work with Crag Ministries and his ministry to divorced Christians, Scott is actively seeking an praying for the right opportunity to enter back into the pastorate full time.